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Restoration Services


Home & Furniture Restoration Services by WoodTryst

  • Antiques/Furniture Restoration 100%
  • Cabinets/Door Refinish 100%
  • Repairs 100%
  • Touch Ups 100%
  • Custom Building 100%
  • Peace of Mind transporting! 100%
Refinishing Services by Woodtryst entails removing old finish, removing wood blemishes through old and new craftsmen techniques, then putting your personalized touch to it (custom solid colors, stains, or distressed through glazing, waxing, and other techniques to achieve an individualized look), and then finally the protection to your personal piece that will help protect it on the journey ahead. There are two options that WoodTryst uses and those are a lacquered finish and a Marine grade enamel finish.

+ lacquered finish- is ideal for interior use. It is durable and has different sheen from a high gloss to achieve that mirror finish to a matte look.
+ Enamel finish- is ideal for wet areas and uncontrolled temperatures such as exterior uses. Sheen can be altered very little but is highly durable with built in UV protection that will help protect your door or exterior furniture from the harmful elements.

This entails the same process as refinishing, but we are just bring the previous craftsmanship back to its original beauty.
Are life’s unfortunates, but a necessity to our priceless pieces. WoodTryst as done them all from a simple re-glue to the most elaborate fabrication of replacement parts for your priceless piece. Recommended that if a small damage has taken place to bring it in and we can repair it before the problem escalates.
Restoration of Entry Doors. We remove doors, secure entry, and restore or refinish with the best quality marine varnishes.
Protect your investment!
A door is an investment that enhances the beauty of your most important investment– your home. The first thing people notice is your front door so make a good first impression with a door finished to match the quality of your home. Restoring your front door is the quickest and least expensive way to add value to a home and increase curb appeal. We do not come out and just scuff your door and put another coat of finish, we restore or refinish to protect your gateway into your home. We treat your door like a piece of furniture.

WoodTryst has a wide photo sample that includes refinishing, restoration, and repairs that includes everything from your dining room furniture, through your front door to your out door patio furniture.